A wooden and 3d printed, pure mechanical duel-style Pinball for our couch table.

Work In Progress: Center play field elements are currently missing, as it requires play tests to find the perfect positioning for bumpers and slingshots. For a neutral start an automated, mechanical roll-in will be added in the center.

The current plan is to stain the wood in a dark brown. The play field will be replaced with poplar wood. The 3d printed parts are also panned to be stained in a dark color. Also warm white LEDs will be added.


  • The table is being designed in Autodesk Fusion.
  • The frame and corners are made from plywood.
  • The play field is currently made from MDF, but will be replaced with plywood in a future version
  • Decoration, mechanics and play field elements are printed in PolyMakers PolyWood which offers wood-visuals without any actual wood in the play which can clock the nozzle.


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