2D Pixelart Image to 3D/ VR game conecpt conversion.

Inspired by this Pixelart on DevianArt I recreated the scene with Blender and Unity. Later a fellow student and I started to develop an interactable demo around the scene.

A (non VR) WebGL Version is available here

The game concept is based on the old school Resident Evil games for Playstation 1 and is specially influenced by the first game. To port the Resident Evil gameplay to VR we had rethink some of the game elements and repalce some completly.

After some varying concepts, we decided that the whole level should be shown in a top-down perspective at a very small scale. The camera does not move at all, so game makes heavy use of positional tracking, which was the selling point of the brand new Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 at the time. The game is meant to be played seated, but the player needs to lean forward and sideways to get good view at what’s happening. – Just like a miniaturized version of the room, is standing right in front of him on a table. The game uses real time lighting and shadows to create a dark and tense atmosphere with great lights and shadows.

A Oculus Rift DK2 Version of the Concept was shown at the Cologne Virtual Reality Meetup, which was received very well.


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